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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Public Consultation for Kirkby Residents

Knowsley council, are about to begin their second phase of public consultation. You may recall that they publicly sought the views of Kirkby residents earlier on in the year. At the cabinet meeting last Wednesday (07/11/07) they proudly proclaimed that.

1, some 950 Kirkby residents completed the questionnaire produced by Knowsley council.

2, a further 1150 took part in the survey, by other means. For example, telephone, email etc.)

This equates to approximately 2000 Kirkby residents, taking part in a public consultation exercise. Knowsley council needs applauding for its endeavours to seek the opinions of its residents.

We would also urge all Kirkby residents and Evertonians to attend the forthcoming consultation and to make their views known. We would also advise all participants to seek clarification on one point. When will the results of the last public consultation be announced and do they intend to release the findings of the current consultation.

The end of the exclusivity agreement.

Itís also our understanding that the cloak of the exclusivity agreement will finally be lifted. Our sources within Knowsley council inform us that both Everton Football Club and Tesco will be present. We are also led to believe that councillors, this afternoon, were given a sneak preview of the proposals. We also understand that KRAG (Kirkby Residentsí Action Group) had a very well attended public meeting.

KEIOC have always campaigned for all parties to be open and transparent. we will continue to do so.

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