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Friday, December 4, 2009

Rosie supports the Secretary of State's decision on Everton Stadium

In response to the decision by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government on the Everton / Kirkby planning application West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper said:

"I am absolutely delighted that the Secretary of State has taken a brave and ultimately the right decision; one that is consistent with Government planning policy."

"It is a clear message that big business with big money doesn't always get their own way and they have to adhere to planning regulations."

"It is great news for the people of Skelmersdale that gives them a renewed sense of hope for the future redevelopment of the town."

"Throughout this whole campaign I have fought hard to defend the interests of my constituents and believed that refusal of this application was always the right decision. I am just pleased the Secretary of State has supported those arguments by his decision."

"We now need to ensure that there should be regeneration of both towns. I have always said publicly that we need to regenerate both towns, not one at the expense of the other. Liverpool City Council now needs to renew their efforts to find Everton a ground within their home City."

"The Secretary of State's decision means that we can now get on with the plan to develop Skelmersdale town centre, especially as we have also recently secured Government investment to build a new college in town centre."

"I will be seeking urgent talks with St Modwen to discuss how quickly we can get this project moving. Whilst these plans may have been delayed for a couple of years by the Tesco application, residents have been waiting 40 years for the regeneration of Skelmersdale."

"A constituent once told me that Skelmersdale has had more visions than Saint Bernadette. Lots of plans which never materialised, well I am determined that this one will."

“This decision means we may now deliver a vision for Skelmersdale that the people of the town have long deserved."

Rosie continued:

“Everton supporters were never 100% behind this move to Kirkby. It was made clear to me that they believed Liverpool City Council needed to do more to keep Everton in the city. This debate now needs to happen and urge the city council to look again at keeping Everton in the city."

“We want to see Liverpool represented if England are to be host the World Cup, which has yet to be decided. There is plenty of time for the city council to sit down with both football clubs and find a solution and hope they will do so.”

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