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Friday, November 27, 2009

Kenwright: Kirkby chapter closed

Yesterday, Knowsley MP George Howarth revealed he was not happy with the Secretary of State's decision to reject the scheme and had hopes for an amended application.

"I'm calling today for the Government to work with myself, Knowsley Council, Tesco and Everton Football Club ... to see if a new application, maybe slightly scaled down, can be fast-tracked and put before the Secretary of State so that the regeneration of Kirkby and the number of jobs that we need can be delivered."

Today, Everton Chairman Bill Kenwright has put that possibility to bed and confirmed that the Kirkby saga has finally come to an end.

"The first thing to say in terms of Kirkby, is that the chapter is over and the book is closed."

Robert Elstone acknowledged that the plans had divided Everton supporters. He said: "Kirkby for a long, long time has divided the club and divided the fans. And who knows really the proportion of fans who were for or against it - we don't know that.

"I think now is the time for the club to be reunited, because for 130 years we have been united. Fans, partners, all of us really need to get behind the next steps for Everon whatever they might be."

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