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Monday, November 23, 2009

Kirkby D-day approaches

After many months of waiting the day of the Destination Kirkby decision is almost upon us. The question on all Evertonians lips is, what shall it be?

Having attended all of the public inquiry we are firmly of the opinion that the planning inspectors report, examining the application against planning regulations, will recommend that the secretary of state refuse the application. The weight of opposition from surrounding authorities due to the impact on their own commercial centres, criticism from CABE and the lack of a feasible transport plan, to name but a few problems, leads us to this conclusion.

The secretary of state has a difficult decision to make; Kirkby does need redevelopment, it does need an anchor supermarket and it does need new jobs. Could it achieve all this with a smaller development that inflicts less impact on those authorities who have complied with planning regulations? Are we about to see a definite maybe?

KEIOC has vigorously campaigned against what we believe is a grossly unsuitable location for a premiership club with the ambition and the desire to emulate and surpass its glorious past achievements at the pinnacle of English professional football, a position that Everton Football Club has enjoyed more than most and we hope will enjoy again.

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