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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Premier League Payments

Premier LeagueWhat many fans call the TV or Sky money is actually a payment from the FA made up of four main elements that are derived from the TV broadcasting revenues in addition to other sponsorship, commercial and radio revenue.

There's the basic award, which comprises of 50% of the UK broadcasting revenue divided into equal shares, each club receiving two shares and relegated clubs receiving one share. The facilities fee, which represents 25% of the UK broadcasting revenue, is paid in accordance with participation in televised matches; the remaining 25%, the merit award, is divided into 210 shares, the team finishing in first place receiving 20 shares and those behind in descending order, last place receiving one. In addition to these UK derived awards clubs receive monies from overseas TV right sales; payments equal two shares per club with relegated clubs receiving one share; for the season 2007/08 Everton received the following:

Everton 2007/8
Final League Position 5
BBC 38
N.Live 23
Equal Share £13,534,463
Facility Fee £7,854,176
Merit Payment £11,600,976
Overseas TV £9,578.95
Total £42,568,569

Payments are made after the season has been completed, normally June/July. In line with many clubs Everton borrow for their forthcoming campaign against next seasons Premier League payments; for example in August a loan was obtained using next seasons guaranteed payments as collateral. This money will be repaid in June/July 2010. It's common practice for the lender to submit an all monies charge against the club at company's house.

Money for the 2010/11 season of course is not guaranteed, as our presence in the premiership will only be determined once this season has been completed. Everton's track record in the top flight however is unparalleled and would perhaps be a relatively safe bet that Everton would be receiving those funds or, as the charges are all monies charges, if the unthinkable happened, would be in receipt of parachute payments to cover such matters if they arose.

We thought Evertonians………………..

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