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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Council to unveil plans

KEIOC once again are the first with breaking news, our sources within Knowsley Council inform us that a major announcement is on the cards. The Council will unveil its "INTERIM TOWN CENTRE REGENERATION PLAN. We believe that within that plan there will be "draft proposals" for the full development. There is a small public gallery in the council chamber and would urge any interested Evertonians to be present before the 2.00pm starting time on November 7th at the Council Chambers in Huyton.

Many Evertonians may well have seen reports, in the local media, linking both Everton Football Club and our friends from across the park with various sites around the city. On a point of clarification KEIOC would like to inform all interested parties that in their meeting on Saturday 27th October, John Tasker, owner of Taskers D.I.Y on Liver Industrial Estate gave a full account of his involvement.

John has had one meeting with Liverpool City Council, it took place nearly 6 months ago. No negotiations have ever taken place. Its also a multi-occupancy site, as such it would need the involvement of all the other owners to make the deal "Deliverable" as Keith Wyness would say.

We will continue to keep our collective ears to the ground and to keep fellow Evertonians up to speed with further news.

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