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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wenger supports KEIOC

Arsene Wenger has endorsed the warnings repeatedly issued in recent years by KEIOC in recent years surrounding the dire consequences of an ill thought out stadium relocation. Wenger has said:

"Arsenal will be more successful by building a new stadium, but it is not easy to build a new stadium and remain where you are," said Wenger. "Look at all the clubs who have built new stadiums and where they are now: Derby County; Leicester City; Coventry City; Southampton; all were relegated, some more than others."

By coincidence an Arsenal fan, who writes for the Irish Examiner, contacted a KEIOC supporter after our recent home defeat, here's an interesting excerpt from his letter:

“Watching from the away section in the Upper Bullens this afternoon, it occurred to me that I couldn't see any sign of the women who I've always noticed in the past walking along the front of the Stanley Park End, with their buckets, handing out free toffees (then again humbugs might have been more appropriate this afternoon)

I just wondered if Everton have done away with this quaint tradition recently, or whether they've not been around for years and I've only just noticed, or perhaps the custom continues and I just missed seeing it happen this afternoon?

With the players still walking out to the Z Cars theme tune, one gets the distinct sense that Evertonians continue to cling onto the old traditions, despite the inevitable march of time and alleged progress. Whereas so many of ours have been eroded at the Arsenal to such an extent that the modern day matchday is virtually unrecognizable from experience that was originally responsible for my addiction.

To date our shiny new, glass and concrete arena has a decidedly soulless, impersonal feel to it. Although we are lead to believe that the Arsenalification process of the new stadium has begun to take place. But for me watching the Arsenal at the new gaff is never going to have the same family vibe of our old Home of Football and as a result I always look forward to our outing to Goodison. Our seats at the Emirates are positively luxurious compared to the extremely cramped confines of the Upper Bullens and yet I always experience a warm (if a little warped) feeling of nostalgia, taking my pew in the ancient wooden seats of the away section.”

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