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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Demise of Destination Kirkby Moves Closer

KEIOC have recently been informed that consultants engaged by Tesco have advised that retail developments such as Destination Kirkby are no longer viable.

Our source, within the Knowsley planning department, understands that the applicants are aware that the planning inspector is likely to suggest that whereas the stadium element is inappropriate and the scale of the retail needs addressing the Tesco Extra store may well receive the green light.

This sensible compromise would be greeted with cautious optimism as it is hoped that a backdoor piecemeal development programme would be avoided in preference to an appropriate redevelopment of the existing town centre including a new anchor food store that will not only reflect the needs of the Kirkby community but also acknowledge the needs of the surrounding communities of Liverpool, Sefton, Skelmersdale and St Helens.

From KEIOC's perspective it is hoped that for once the theatrics are set aside and, forgoing the temptation to assign blame to the economy, campaign groups actions or swine flu, a straightforward approach is adopted in acknowledging the unsuitability of the original plan to construct a major football stadium in an inappropriate location and that the pressing need now is not to dwell on the past but for the club to publicly draw a line under the Kirkby Project, unite the fanbase and move forward together.

As always, KEIOC fully embrace the concept of Everton's pressing need to generate increased revenue streams through a new or improved facility. It is hoped that following the CEO's quest to organise the woefully inadequate allocation of cup final tickets and that after everyone supporting Everton in their quest to return the FA cup once again to Goodison Park and the City of Liverpool, the owners of the club will engage and liaise with the fanbase and Liverpool City Council to ensure a more appropriate decision is made for the future well being of the club as a whole.

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