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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Second "Destination Kirkby" application submitted

Knowsley Council have received a second planning application for an area which is part of the 'Destination Kirkby' site from supermarket Tesco (received on 3rd March, 2009). It's understood that several trees in the area have recently been felled.

The technical drawings included in the new application show the brook diverted around the proposed stadium and coach park and there are suggestions that it is a back door for Tesco to prepare the land for the Destination Kirkby development to save time (and money) should it receive planning permission from Secretary of State. The brook's current position would run through the coach park and the south west corner of the stadium.

Knowsley Council have said they will treat it as a stand alone application and it's expected that the council will approve this application, the original full application which includes the construction of the stadium will still be decided by the Secretary of State.

The application says that the brook must be diverted to:

  • reduce leachate from the landfill site
  • remove the Balsam and Japanese Knotweed
  • correct erosion
  • improve the food and habitat for water-voles
  • reduce the number of red foxes in the area
  • reduce the amount of litter in the area
  • monitor vandalism

The chairman of Kirkby Residents Action Group Dr. Rev. Tim Stratford says "All these improvements could be achieved by less intrusive means and without diverting the brook.

"It's a smokescreen because Tesco and Everton want the brook out of their way so they can begin work on the stadium next autumn. It only makes sense if the stadium is there. The application is prejudicial to the public inquiry and also goes against the directions of the Secretary of State."

The submission can be found on the Knowsley Council website: read it here

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