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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 33 - Concerns raised over contaminated waste in landfill site

Mrs Caroline Pethard, chair of the Grange Residents Association addressed the inquiry

Mrs Pethard explained to the inquiry that the association had consulted with residents on the impact of the development and as a result had put forward their case against this proposal.

Mrs Pethard described how the applicants had glossed over the impact Destination Kirkby would have on their lives with its 50,000 seat stadium and a massive 24 hour Tesco superstore.

She then spoke about the concerns the association had; noise, dust and traffic disturbance during construction, disturbance and anti social behaviour on match days, the loss of green space, the loss of children's safe play areas and the inevitable impact on property prices.

Mrs. Pethard asked the inspectors to look at the documents submitted to the inquiry that contained 3D graphical representations showing the size of the stadium next to their homes. Mrs. Pethard pointed out that the residents weren't against appropriate regeneration but she had genuine concerns that the mitigation measures proposed by the developers aren't enough.

Mrs Pethard raised her groups concerns that the land, intended for the stadium and at the rear of their homes, contained type one and type two industrial wastes including the possibility of asbestos. She stated that the applicants were unaware of the contaminants contained in the ground, the site of a former waste tip until the 1950's.

The Grange residents had major concerns over the location of the access road behind their homes, a road that would be used by lorries delivering goods, they felt the proposed bund wouldn't stop noise from the road nor from the stadium, as two thirds of fans would sit above its level.

Equally measures offered by the applicants to accommodate the legal requirements concerning loss of light were criticised, Mrs Pethard felt that the measures on offer, larger windows, were being offered to meet those legal requirements.

She asked that the secretary of state refuse this application, as it would have a detrimental effect on the health and lives of the residents of the Grange.

Mr. Patrick Clarkson QC responded for the applicants, he confirmed that a permanent bund would be constructed at the start of the construction of the development and that Tesco would not be acquiring any further properties on the estate.

Mrs Burden asked Mrs Pethard “would the immediate construction of a permanent bund meet some of the concerns of the residents?” Mrs Pethard felt she wasn't qualified to answer that question but she'd be concerned that the measure wouldn't screen out air pollution and noise.

The Inspector closed the proceedings for the day

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