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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Exclusivity deal is a "Huge Mistake" - Labour Leader Joe Anderson

I was delighted to meet with members of KEIOC last week to discuss the current situation with regard to EFC.

I pledge my support to keep Everton within the City boundaries and will do all I can to assist, as a lifelong Evertonian and season ticket holder I believe the City should do all it can to keep our club within the City. If this cannot be done then Everton should look elsewhere, however I believe it can be achieved even at this stage.

I have recently met with the Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council and questioned him about the City Councils position. I was informed that there are still sites available here in the City that could be used for a stadium, at least five. I also believe that the exclusivity deal that EFC have signed with Knowsley Council is a huge mistake made by EFC they should be exploring every opportunity including those within the City of Liverpool. I also believe that EFC could develop Goodison Park and this also has to be considered along with exploring other sites. EFC has said in the past that it has investigated eight sites within Liverpool I call on them to provide supporters and the Council with their findings, in other words if there where problems with those sites then lets see if the Council can work with you to solve them, it's the least we deserve. The fact is EFC and Liverpool Council have not been open and honest with us and I believe they are as bad as one another. Everton want and need extra land In order to get TESCO involved no matter where we would locate to, they say they need this money. The Council has in the past been happy to let EFC leave the City rather than fight to keep us here, I have told the Council that has to change. I am writing to EFC and will be asking some very important questions, the exclusivity deal is a smokescreen designed to keep people away from asking questions.

I promise to keep up the pressure and demand some answers to questions and wonít be fobbed off by those wishing to keep everyone in the dark. I will work with KEIOC because I believe we should I will also Make sure that their questions are able to be asked and answered. We demand openness and honesty nothing more nothing less.


Joe Anderson

Liverpool Labour Group Leader

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