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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Moyes sees benefit of ground-share

Whilst the Public Inquiry is ongoing to see whether the relocation to Kirkby can go ahead, Everton manager David Moyes has told the News of the World that he believes that there are benefits to sharing a stadium with Liverpool:

“I know why people are against it but anyone who has seen Bayern Munich share with 1860 Munich can see how it’s done. One week it’s red, the next week blue.

“There are a lot of plusses.”

Previously Professor Chris Brady, Dean of the Business School at Bournemouth University has told KEIOC that he also favours a ground share:

"This should be a simple business decision but emotion and tradition are holding clubs back from leveraging their assets. The club's greatest asset, the stadium, could also be sweated to provide greater revenue at lower cost if it were a shared asset. "

Allianz Arena:

Allianz Arena
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