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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Kennedy Appreciation

We have recently received the following correspondence from a lifelong Evertonian and academic:


I would like to express my full support for your (pre-Public Inquiry) Public Meeting this Saturday.

Your campaign has been outstanding and a credit to present and future Evertonians. Against a backdrop of official misinformation and selective amnesia, KEIOC has clearly and consistently demonstrated the financial perils and logistical incoherence of the Everton Board's proposed move to Kirkby. Your campaign has made us all the more aware that a move to Kirkby would be even more perilous in the teeth of a credit crunch and an economic downturn, which looks likely to last for some years to come.

KEIOC can also be credited for being at the forefront of those signalling the dire consequences a move to Kirkby would have on the Everton fan base and the local community. The bitter irony is that while Liverpool City political elites take pride in the fact that the City is host to two major English Premiership clubs, they are in danger of standing by as this part of the City's cultural heritage is torn apart for short term expediency.

Politicians, both national and local, like to talk about building and regenerating communities, well here's their chance to listen to ordinary people in their wish to put an end to a move guaranteed to have negative consequences for both Kirkby and Walton residents.

Let us hope the Public Inquiry finally puts an end to the spectre of 'Destination Kirkby' and marks the beginning of a much more realistic re-appraisal of the prospects for regenerating Goodison Park.

Yours in solidarity,

Dr Peter Kennedy,
Life long Evertonian / academic

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