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Sunday, November 16, 2008

KEIOC Pre-inquiry Meeting


Evertonians descended on the Casa in Hope Street on Saturday to listen to KEIOC explain their recent endeavours to keep Everton within the City of Liverpool. Trevor Skempton gave an insight into the possible redevelopment of Goodison and the true potential of the Scotland Road Loop site, Colin Fitzpatrick presented some interesting information on Kirkby, Goodison and Scotland Road and went on to provide details of possible methods of finance other than retail based enabling funding whilst councillor Josie Mullen delivered a passionate speech against the proposal in Kirkby.

KEIOC will endeavour to regularly update their website with all the latest news from the public inquiries. Finally KEIOC would like to thank all the Evertonians who not only gave up their time to attend the meeting but also donated £750 to our fighting fund.

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