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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

KEIOC Announce Public Meeting

CasaKeep Everton In Our City will be holding a public meeting at noon on Saturday November 15th at the Casa, 29 Hope Street, Liverpool (see map).

Whilst faces on the KEIOC committee have changed since our formation, the aims and objectives of the group have not faltered. We remain determined to prove that there are more befitting viable long-term solutions to a club with Everton Football Club's standing, tradition and heritage than are currently being offered by Knowsley Council and Tesco. We believe we have found several solutions that match the criteria.

We decided to arrange this public meeting because we wish to explain what we have been up to since the group was formed and what we will be doing at the public inquiry.

KEIOC have met with the programme officer and we agreed to have our own table at the public inquiry - which is precisely that, a table with a microphone to sit at during the public inquiry. More importantly we have been given the power to cross examine other parties at the public inquiry should we feel it is necessary. We will endeavour to have a KEIOC representative in attendance at all times during the public inquiry. KEIOC will be addressing the public inquiry from a concerned-Evertonian perspective meaning we will not discuss the effects of Destination Kirkby on local residents and businesses etc.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us

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