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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Planning Consultants: Proposed stadium is a burden

Roger Tym & PartnersA report commissioned by Knowsley Council has stated that Everton's proposed stadium in Kirkby will be a "burden" on the town. Planning consultants Roger Tym & Partners who prepared the report have suggested that the only reason that Destination Kirkby project contains so much retail space is to be able to subsidise the stadium development and that a lower amount of retail space (but still greater than that of the existing town centre) could be commercially viable without a stadium development -a conclusion that many Evertonians and Kirkby residents would be happy with.

The following is an extract from the commissioned report:

"The applicant's justification for a larger scheme of 50,000 sq.m GIA is based on the concept of enabling development and the need to bridge the funding gap for the stadium; the applicant does not appear to be saying that a retail scheme of less than 50,000 sq.m would not be commercially viable if it was free from the burden of the stadium."

However Knowsley Council would like the proposed stadium development to go ahead because it would raise the national profile of the Knowsley Borough by having a world famous football team play there.

The report has only recently been made available to the public by Knowsley Council following a request from officers involved with the forthcoming public inquiry.

The full report can now be found on .

Recently, a newly formed residents group KRISP (Kirkby Residents In Support of Progress) chaired by former Northwood councillor, Mark Hagan have shown their support for the proposals. Vice-chairman David Dodd told CityTalk listeners on Friday evening that KRISP have arranged for 38 people to travel on their free coach to the Trafford Centre to punish Liverpool City Council and Grosvenor, the company behind the Liverpool One project for objecting to Destination Kirkby.

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