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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

KEIOC Statement

We have received a number of enquiries from Evertonians in relation to the meeting with Everton Football Club that took place on Tuesday 23rd September 2008. KEIOC would like to confirm that members of the group were in attendance at the meeting but would like to clarify that the group made no presentation during the meeting. The meeting centred around a presentation made by Trevor Skempton and Tom Hughes concerning a brief appraisal of potential alternatives to the proposed Destination Kirkby development and a subsequent discussion ensued over the commercial viability of the redevelopment of Goodison Park and the Scotland Road Loop Site.

The discussions were amicable and KEIOC are encouraged by the initiative shown by the club to facilitate such a meeting and hope that further dialogue will be continued after the public inquiry. The club was represented by Robert Elstone (Acting CEO), Alan Bowen (Stadium Operations) and Ian Ross (PR & External Affairs) with consultants David Keirle (KSS) and Chris Potts (Savills), who are already committed to the Destination Kirkby proposals, providing the club with their professional opinion.

Unfortunately, in the absence of a detailed business plan, the club do not see a viable alternative to the Destination Kirkby project at this present time, however it was clear that this does not mean that the club would dismiss potential alternatives to Kirkby, if deliverable, in the future. KEIOC believe that the club must free itself of the restrictive exclusivity deal that is preventing other interested parties from committing resources to put in place a fully researched, costed and developed business proposal to rival that currently on offer at Kirkby. KEIOC believe that the club must take a proactive lead to engage with interested third parties to ensure that other opportunities are thoroughly investigated.

Having observed Trevor Skempton's presentation and listened to the response of the clubs consultants; KEIOC would like to confirm its intention to provide details to the public inquiry that will challenge the findings of the club and their advisors. It is KEIOC's intention to demonstrate that alternatives to the Destination Kirkby scheme are both technically possible and financially viable.

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