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Monday, September 22, 2008

KEIOC to meet Everton

Due to the recent announcement on the official Everton FC website in which acting CEO Robert Elstone revealed the club had arranged a meeting with KEIOC, the group would like to confirm that an invitation to view and review alternatives to the Kirkby proposal on Tuesday 23rd September has been accepted.

Whilst KEIOC have always encouraged open dialogue with the club and welcome this recent invitation, we feel it is necessary to make it clear to all the concerned Evertonians who have contacted us since the article appeared on the Everton FC official website, that the group will do all it can to ensure that any such meeting(s) will involve a genuine attempt from all parties present to consider alternatives to the Destination Kirkby scheme and will not be used as an exercise to dismiss potential alternatives prior to the upcoming public inquiry.

Along with Trevor Skempton and Tom Hughes, members of the KEIOC committee will be in attendance to aid and facilitate an open and positive consideration of potential alternative stadium opportunities that are available to the club.

KEIOC do not intend to participate in any future transport working group in relation to the proposed stadium at Kirkby.

KEIOC welcome and appreciate the initiative undertaken by the club to urgently review alternatives to the Destination Kirkby scheme and no doubt alongside the vast majority of Evertonians, we hope that this will now lead to a serious and detailed investigation of sites within the city over the coming months.

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