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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Professor Tom Cannon - An Apology

Tom Cannon

"At tonight's EGM several members of Keep Everton in Our City (KEIOC) said that I had claimed on Radio Merseyside that "KEIOC had cost Everton £15M over two years" by calling for the Everton/Tesco/Knowsley development in Kirkby to be "called in" for a public inquiry by the government. I should say that I do not recall saying this, but would like to make it clear that any costs born by the club - and the figures given at tonight's EGM suggest that the cost of the delay are more like £6M a year or £12-13 over the two years - are the result of action by the government and, possibly, the objecting local authorities NOT KEIOC. As such, if I did say that "KEIOC had cost Everton £15M," I apologise unreservedly to KEIOC and its members.

I would go further and say that although I have many disagreements with KEIOC, I believe that if they feel so strongly on this issue, not only do they have the right to make their case, they have a duty to Everton and the City to make their case. I hope that they will accept that I share their passion for the club.

In this context, I'd make another commitment. Among the many claims about me is the view that my opinions are self servicing specifically in order to get onto the Board. Can I make it clear that in the very unlikely event that I was invited to join the Board, I would refuse? I've been supporting Everton all my life and its success (in this context) is all that interests me.

Tom Cannon

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