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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Panic Measures From Gang of 3 as Further Deferment Announced

It has transpired that Knowsley MPs George Howarth and Eddie O'Hara are actively lobbying for fellow Members of Parliament to support the Tesco application at this late stage and none other than Walton MP Peter Kilfoyle is assisting them!

Government sources have informed KEIOC of their actions and we can only speculate why Mr Kilfoyle, the MP for Walton, one of the most deprived areas in Liverpool and in desperate need of regeneration, is actively seeking to relocate the club into another constituency at this time; we can also only speculate why these particular MP's are indulging in what appears to be desperate measures at this stage of their campaign.

It has been confirmed by Baroness Andrews' office that there has been a further deferment of the decision on the "Destination Kirkby" scheme and that a decision is now unlikely before the end of the month.

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