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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Calling all Kirkby blues

We would like to draw the attention of all Evertonians living in Kirkby and the surrounding area. A meeting of great importance is taking place next Wednesday 30th May at 2.00pm Prompt in the Civic building in Huyton.

Knowsley Council are holding a cabinet meeting to discuss the outcome of their exclusivity talks between Everton Football Club, Knowsley Council & Tesco.

Space in the public gallery will be severely restricted and would advise fans to turn up early.

We have also been informed that the agenda for Wednesday cabinet meeting will appear on Knowsley’s Council’s website prior to this meeting. This meeting will have major implications for the fans of Everton Football Club & not forgetting the Kirkby Residents. I would urge all parties to voice their concerns in a constructive manner to their Elected representatives.

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