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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stadium Decision Delay Yet Again

Destination Kirkby - Decision DelayedThe expected announcement on Destination Kirkby has been further delayed. It is understood that Baroness Andrews, whom has stated that she will not be politically swayed, was expected to reveal the decision today but KEIOC sources in the Government have revealed that due to behind the scenes legal wrangling concerning the wording of the decision, and the possibility of legal action from applicants and objectors, the decision has been delayed whilst these issues are addressed.

Baroness Andrews was the recipient of a superfluous letter from Walton Labour MP Peter Kilfoyle in which he has stated his astonishing support for the removal of a multi million pound business away from his socially deprived constituency to the town of Kirkby which, by doing so, will effect the jobs of low paid workers in the pub and retail industry sector of Walton. The KEIOC campaign would like to remind everyone that the GONW, the Secretary of State and Baroness Andrews will be examining Tesco's application against current planning policy and the objections received from neighbouring authorities and commercial interests such as Grosvenor and ING, all of which concern the size and impact of the retail element on their areas; so we're not quite sure what impact the right honourable member for Walton in writing to the Baroness will actually have, if any.

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