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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Government Inundated with Campaign Letters

KEIOC would like to thank the thousands of supporters against the proposed move for taking the time to contact the GONW and Hazel Blears with your concerns; the case officer at the GONW has stated that he has been inundated with emails and letters on the subject, with Hazel Blears recently stating her dislike for “clone town Britain” initiated by supermarket led out of town retail developments in preference to community based shopping centres the signs indicating an end of this debacle, despite the use of tainted political lobbyists, would appear to indicate the inevitable. You can read an example of the letters dropping through Hazel Blears letterbox by clicking on "read more".

Dear Ms Blears/GONW,

I would kindly request you to please take the 5 minutes necessary to read this very important email as it is both heartfelt AND pragmatic.

It was exceedingly reassuring to see your comments in the above article.

Adam Smith is widely acknowledged as the Father of Economics. I have used his most quoted piece in an analogy of modern day Britain and companies like Tesco's, (adding their name in parenthesis) to demonstrate that which Adam Smith was referring to in his Wealth of Nations, 1776. He wrote:

"To found a great empire (Tesco's) for the sole purpose of raising up a people of customers, may at first sight, appear a project fit only for a nation of shopkeepers. It is, however, a project altogether unfit for a nation of shopkeepers, but extremely fit for a nation whose government is influenced by shopkeepers (Tesco's). "

This was a stark warning from this county's greatest and most brilliant political scientist who believed in free trade and the promotion of competition. Tesco's are ruthlessly reducing competition ergo free trade. Every time you see Adam Smith's face on a £20 note think of this.

Napoleon I, who was familiar with Smith's work, is reported as later using a French version to dismiss England:

"L'Angleterre est une nation de boutiquiers."

This is your very own Waterloo, are you modern Britain's Duke of Wellington? We sincerely hope so.

I believe you are a person of fair play, honesty and integrity, so please, please do not give the country the impression of an extreme about turn in the light of your viewpoints in the above article, by allowing Tesco's to drive a stake through the heart of not 1, but 2 communities in one single blow, here in the North West of England via the Destination Kirkby potential disaster.

If you do, then this will destroy what's left of the independent traders and community in both proud Walton in Liverpool, whilst contemporaneously ruining the livelihoods of the similarly proud Kirkby independent traders and residents. Both communities are currently battling against this unpopular project (please look at the results of the REAL independent polls, not just the Tesco sponsored ones!) and the singularly profit driven entity behind it.

Nevertheless, I am sure you are more than au fait with the feelings of the vast majority of the constituents in these 2 areas who are united in their stance AGAINST this potential tragedy.

If justifiably and rightly, this does get called in, please also bare in mind their smugness when they return to the table believing that they will always get their way in the long run. Winning the war is as important as winning the battle when it comes to maintaining people's freedom of choice, which is dwindling every day in this country.

Please do the right thing and give us back our High Street!! Just how rich do they have to be before they stop ruining our core competitiveness in the High Street?

Tesco's say the consumer decides, but he/she will not be able to decide anything once the monster supermarkets achieve their aim of removing independent retailers.

I beseech you to stand up for the principals that, once upon a time, made Britain the envy of the world. They are, as mentioned earlier, fair play, honesty and integrity.

Napoleon called us “a nation of shopkeepers”. Napoleon was defeated by this nation of shopkeepers. If you do not put a stop to this supermarket monopolistic oligopoly taking even greater control of the retail sector (and not just the retail sector) from the independents, then 100's of years of both us and our previous generations fighting for our rights, will have been in vain.

This nation of shopkeepers will have been defeated by 4 to 5 groups of profit driven shareholders, to the detriment of the very fabric of our society.

If Tesco's and their profit chosen 'enabling partners' are allowed to carry out their plan in Kirkby, it will lead to even less choice for the consumer. We all know that the Law of Economics states that when choice is reduced, competition is reduced exponentially, leading to higher prices for us all. The only winners being a corporate elite few.

People like your goodself and the GONW are in a fortunate, powerful position Ms Blears: Please demonstrate to the country we made the right choice in believing in you.

I know you know the article I have linked above perfectly sums up what is happening to every citizen of the United Kingdom, the length and breadth of the country. I also believe you are intelligent enough to understand the underlying principles it contains and that any form of avoidance of this, via a technical point here or there, would be tantamount to a grave moral dereliction of your duties as a good, fair and integrity driven person.

Please leave your mark on this world holding your head up high, by displaying these precise qualities which I believe you, and millions of us less powerful individuals, still possess. We place our power in you to carry out what is good for all citizens not the aforementioned elite.

Please do not let us down on this, a tipping point for Britain's future. Do you believe in the rights of the masses in still having a 21st century entrepreneurial opportunity to trade via independent retailing or of a few select corporate entities?

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, think of what your very own Mother and Father fought for Ms Blears.

My sincere gratitude in your taking the time to read this heart and head driven request.

Yours sincerely,

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