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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Shareholders Question Board’s Wisdom...

Two exasperated shareholders have decided that enough is enough with the lack of answers, transparency, spin doctoring and propaganda surrounding the Kirkby move and have taken matters into their own hands by requesting an EGM. If successful the meeting is bound to prove uncomfortable for Phillip Green’s friends, here’s what the two guys had to say recently:

As lifelong Evertonians we feel that it is necessary to request an Extraordinary General Meeting of Everton Football Club to discuss the wisdom of relocating the club to Kirkby. It is our view that the long-term welfare of Everton Football Club is under serious threat as the proposed move to Kirkby does not offer a sound basis for a future business plan.

There are many issues that indicate that this move will be detrimental to the long-term welfare of the club, none more so than the out of town location and the inadequate transport infrastructure that supports the site. The current transport proposals do not reflect what Evertonians were promised by the club prior to the ground move ballot in August 2007. No doubt the new ground may initially attract increased attendances upon completion but we are concerned these crowds will diminish once the anticipated ‘New Stadium Effect' subsides and supporters become disillusioned with inadequate transport services and extended journey times.

The future of Everton FC is reliant on attracting supporters to the ground and in an age where Live TV is becoming more and more prevalent we believe that many will be deterred from attending the ground. Indeed, future innovations such as we are witnessing with the advent of live internet football may result with Everton FC struggling to compete for the revenue generated by match going supporters who may be more inclined to follow the club from the convenience of their TV monitors. This will ultimately lead to the erosion of the clubs fanbase and future prosperity. How will a laboured transport system and a subdued atmosphere inspire future football fans to follow Everton Football Club? As the club intends to move away from its traditional and spiritual heartland future generations of supporters may be more inclined to support a local, more convenient and accessible alternative in Liverpool Football Club.

The board of Everton Football Club promised an iconic and world-class stadium for very little debt. The reality is that Evertonians are being given a ‘mid range quality stadium' for a cost of £78m. 10,000 Evertonians have already registered their rejection of the Kirkby scheme when it was portrayed, as being world class and debt free, how many more would reject the proposals if they knew then what we know now? Despite these legitimate concerns the board of Everton Football Club have continued to pursue these proposals.

This must not be allowed to happen to one of English Footballs oldest and finest institutions.

Kind Regards

Mark Grayson and Tony Bennett

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