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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

More questions than answers?

The Liverpool Echo have taken up the gauntlet after Saturday's open KEIOC Forum at which it was revealed that meetings about Everton's departure from Walton to Kirkby were taking place as early as January 2006 (let's not forget that Everton "announced" the interest an "exclusivity period" in November 2006). Both David Henshaw and Peter Kilfoyle unwilling to commit as to what was said at the meetings and even if they could remember it was just a normal "bland" meeting between Liverpool City Council's Chief Executive and MP who represents. The meeting was so uneventfully bland that somebody took two different sets of notes.

We are still waiting for a response from Peter Kilfolye as to why the original notes were retracted and replaced.

Amazingly Peter Kilfoyle has apparently asked, this week, to see plans on how Everton leaving Walton will effect his constituents.

Did ex-council boss do nothing to stop Blues leaving city?
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