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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kirkby Residents Continue to Protest

The 1st 4 Kirkby political party have announced plans for a Motor Cavalcade on Saturday June 21st, they are meeting at the new Kirkby Sports Centre at 2.00 p.m. and driving around the Town centre in support of the Residents who will lose their homes and the Kirkby traders.

They have given four reasons to join the cavalcade, these are to:

  • Stop the Stadium and demolition of homes
  • Regenerate the existing Town Centre for local people
  • Save our green and open space for our Children
  • Welcome Tesco to build a supermarket in the current Town Centre to compliment the existing Traders

A recent press release from the party stated:

"Now that the Local Elections are over and our Councillors have shown their true colours, we would like to inform you that 1st 4 Kirkby are still here to represent those of you who are unhappy, disillusioned and disgusted with their behaviour."

"That is why you are all invited to join in a Motor Cavalcade to show your support of appropriate regeneration of our Town in the current Town Centre and not the reinvention to the south of Cherryfield Drive."

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