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Friday, June 13, 2008

Just how big is 'Destination Kirkby'?

Following Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Councils decision, 9th June 2008, that they are “minded” to give planning permission’ to the Tesco planning application, its plain to see that its extremely hard for the layman to envisaged how big the retail scheme is.

Indeed, the size of the plan led to KMBC planning officers to continually refer to the Tesco backed scheme as being ‘wholly, or partially, non-compliant’ to planning guidelines laid down by Government at the planning committee meeting 9th June 2008.

Listed below are comparisons with other shopping centres or retail parks that people know and can compare to the Tesco plan. The percentages shown are all based on Liverpool One project, for example the Bootle Strand is 25% of the Liverpool One's size.

Development Size (sq ft) Percentage %
Liverpool One 1,650,000 100%
Trafford Centre 1,600,809 97%
New Mersey Shopping Park Speke
472,605 27%
Aintree Racecourse Retail 432,850 26%
Bootle Strand 420,000 25%
Tesco Superstore Kirkby 237,560 14%
Destination Kirkby 681,269 41%

It's evidently clear that the sheer size of the retail space Tesco envisage will draw people from near and far to make it viable. This is the reason why the local councils, indeed why others such as Grosvenor, have objected to Tesco's ‘Destination Kirkby' scheme as it undermines their own local shopping centres with its departure from the retail hierarchy that exists.

The scheme, as noted by the KMBC planning officers, conflicts with planning policies PPS1, PPS6, PPS11 and PPG17. All figures have been confirmed by the owners/councils concerned.

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