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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Revealed: The 35 'potential' Everton stadium sites

Officials at Everton FC today told the local media that the site in Kirkby was the 35th site that they have looked at.  It seems that after dismissing the redevelopment of Goodison Park out of hand, they considered moving back into Anfield!

It has transpired that Everton FC had also borrowed a number of sites that had already been dismissed by Liverpool FC to add to their list.

Bizarrely, the Kings Dock arena site made the list despite it being Everton who had failed to find the contribution required for this site back in 2004.

The full list and the reasons the club have given for dismissal are as follows:

1. Existing Anfield Stadium Site
Physically too small and unavailable for ownership and current usage reasons.

2. Atlantic and Netherton Industrial Estate
A strategic employment site in Sefton, with recent planning permission for development and landowners actively pursuing to develop.

3. Central Docks
A stadium would be a suitable development. However, previous planning permission and policy designations indicate greater value for other uses. New owners have recently announced a vision for the site incompatible with a stadium.

4. Former Dunlop Site
Ownership precludes availability and its development for a stadium would impact on strategic investment programmes.

5. Dunnings Bridge Road
Inadequate size.

6. Everton Park
Major urban park protected by planning policies. Development would be difficult due to geographical constraints and surrounding residential uses.

7. Former Garden Festival Site
Availability constrained as subject to a current call-in inquiry. Ground conditions constraints and unsuitability because of waters edge location.

8. Garston Dock
Unsuitable and unavailable because of operational dock and new developments.

9. Gillmoss 1A
An important employment land allocation. Heavily dependent on access by private car.

10. Gillmoss 1B
No remaining developable area for a stadium and surrounding uses would constrain suitability for a stadium.

11. John Moores / MTL
Owned by NWDA and actively pursued as a retail, employment and residential area and an extension to Wavertree Technology Park.

12. Kings Dock
No longer available as now comprises an events arena and associated development.

13. Prescot Road
Potentially suitable in terms of planning policy. However, it is subject top several constraints – ground contamination, multiple ownership and highway capacity.

14. Land at Speke Boulevard
Potentially suitable for a stadium and good public transport links. However, constraints relating to highway access and land purchase costs.

15. Speke Northern Airfield
Residual site capable of accommodating a stadium. Lacks adequate profile for a stadium. No prospect of enabling development. Also, policy constraints as an important strategic employment site.

16. Stanley Dock
Too small.

17. Stanley Park
Planning permission for Liverpool FC stadium and thus suitable. But, ground sharing ruled out.

18. Walton Hall Park
An urban park subject to planning policy presumption against development. Impact on park and soccer facilities could not be adequately mitigated.

19. Wavertree Playground
Considered unsuitable because of potential impact on Conservation Area, access is uncertain and unavailable without compensatory provision for park facilities.

20. Bestway Site
Unsuitable in terms of size and accessibility.

21. Edge Lane Retail Park
In use and current value militates against a viable development. Highway capacity constraints.

22. Aintree Retail Park ./ Long Lane Industrial Estate
Key constraint is multiple tenures making the site unavailable.

23. Stonebridge Cross
Unavailable because of development proposals.

24. Stanley Market
Considered suitable in principle, but close to minimum site are required and
proximity to housing would affect the net developable area.

25. Calderstones Park
Nature conservation interest and historic parkland setting make site unsuitable.

26. Sefton Park
Unsuitable as impact on Conservation Area and listed historic park could not be mitigated.

27. Newsham Park
Conservation Area, nature conservation interests and proximity to homes makes the site unviable for a stadium.

28. Sparrow Hall Playing Fields
Accessed through residential area and part of designated countryside and green space areas.

29. North Shore
Mix of land ownership, existing uses and building (including listed buildings) militates against forming a coherent site for a suitable stadium.

30. Land at Speke Boulevard
Considered unsuitable by reason of peripheral location, poor accessibility by noncar modes and proximity to Jaguar plant.

31. Huyton Business Park
Considered suitable but not available as identified as a strategic gateway site and currently occupied by industrial and business uses. Thus, not viable.

32. Kirkby Stadium
Good accessibility, but site area limited and constrained by houses adjoining.

33. Knowsley Industrial Estate
Constrained by mix of ownerships and tenures and viability issues.

34. Aintree Race Course
Within Green Belt area and operational requirements of the racecourse would conflict with those of a stadium.

35. Land South of Kirkby Town centre
Identified as available, suitable and viable, although site is designated urban open space. Capable of redevelopment as part of wider area regeneration. Has good accessibility by a variety of modes of transport.

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