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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wyness: Stadium 'Deal' is at "Tipping Point"

Keith Wyness, Everton's Chief Executive has told the Liverpool Echo that the stadium project is now on a knife edge. He said: “The project is balanced very finely at the tipping point. A long delay would lead to cost inflation and stop it from proceeding.

He also revealed that he has been lobbying the powers in the W1 postcode. “I have been working in Westminster. All we can carry on doing is explain the situation clearly, so they have the best information possible.

“We are involved in the world of politics, so anything can happen.”

“Having got where we have and given the present debt situation at the club, we are right at the edge of what could be given as a contribution.

He believes that a public inquiry would end the ground relocation for financial reasons: “If we went into a public inquiry, it could take two years, the costs would increase to a level that would make the whole programme very questionable. Whether other funding situations could be found, I do not know.

“We are at that cost tipping point right now.”

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