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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How To Lobby the GONW


KEIOC are urging all Evertonians who firmly oppose the Destination Kirkby plan to write to the Government Office of the North West and the Secretary of State Hazel Blears to demand the application be called in for a public inquiry.

Due to the retail size element of the scheme and the loss of green space Knowsley MBC must refer the application to the GONW who will then inform the Secretary of state to call it in or not. Recent sources have informed KEIOC that due to the sheer opposition it is highly likely to be referred straight to London to make a decision.

The Secretary of State will usually call in applications if planning issues associated with the development are of more than local importance such examples are:

  • Development that may conflict with national planning policy on important matters;
  • Development that could have wide effects beyond its immediate locality;
  • Development that raises significant architectural and urban design issues;
  • Development where the interests of national security are involved, or the interest of foreign Governments;
  • Development where there is significant regional or national controversy.

A template letter is attached below to give guidance on the contents of the letter/email required, you must give clear reasons why you think the application should be called in and a public inquiry held. Your personnel thoughts should also be added to the letter. You should also write to your Local MP's and Councillors to demand that they also put pressure on the Government to call in the application.

The KEIOC template letter can be downloaded here (right click and choose to download). If you would like to read the document online please click here.

The contact details of both departments are:

Spatial Development Team
Government Office for the North West
City Tower
Piccadilly Plaza
M1 4BE
tel: 0161 952 4110

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