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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Destination Kirkby right on course…

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Yesterday KMBC’s planning committee reached the inevitable decision, in favour of Destination Kirkby, when a near unanimous 20:1 decision to approve the Tesco Planning application was taken.

KEIOC, having anticipated this course of events here, has been diligently working on this anticipated scenario to prevent what many Evertonians feel is an unacceptable move for a top flight premiership club.

The next key event is that the Secretary of State, through the Government Office North West (GONW) will receive KMBC's communication informing them that they're minded to approve the application. At this point the thousands of objections sent to this body will be considered and the application will be examined against the following criteria:

  • Departs from policies contained in the development plan for the area in question;
  • The application is of greater than local importance;
  • May conflict with national planning policy;
  • Could have significant effects outside its immediate locality;
  • Attracts significant controversy beyond the immediate locality

Any one departure can cause the Secretary of State to call in an application for public enquiry, incedibly Tesco's “Destination Kirkby” manages to meet all five conditions for a call in at which the proposals will be examined in a far more stringent manner.

KEIOC are quietly confident that the proposed stadium development continues to fail to meet Everton's own criteria of Suitability, Accessability, Deliverability, Viability and Availability.

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