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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

KEIOC Lobby Liverpool City Council

KEIOC LogoNever one to rest on their laurels KEIOC has been actively lobbying Liverpool Council members and the leaders of the Councils political parties. Despite recent attempts by interested parties to influence the process through the media, KEIOC are confident that the elected officials will apply the agreed regional and local policies when considering their response to the constantly changing Tesco planning application.

You can read the latest open letter to councillors here:

“The Councils response to the consultation by Knowsley Council in respect of planning application 08/00001/HYB (submitted by Tesco Stores Ltd) at land south of Cherryfield Drive, Kirkby, is of vital importance to the upholding of the City of Liverpool's position in the regions retail hierarchy and the protection of the City of Liverpool's unique cultural duopoly that is contributed to by the one hundred and thirty year old institution that is Everton Football Club. We're confident that you are aware that, as a city, Liverpool provides an unparalleled top-flight footballing history that is unique in world football and should be protected and promoted for the benefit of the generations to come.

The recent Tesco application is a clear departure from the Knowsley's current UDP. The emerging Regional Spatial Strategy, including Planning Policy Statement 6 (National Guidance), is evidently disproportionate to Kirkby's existing role and status and could therefore seriously prejudice the vitality and viability of other centers within Liverpool. Whilst we understand that politicians may have one eye on the city region as a whole we wish to highlight that your first and primary duty is to the citizens of Liverpool and as such we presume that you will be adopting the same principles as your Knowsley counterparts in protecting and promoting jobs in your geographical area of governance.

The Spatial Development Framework set in adopted RSS and, in particular, Policies SD1 and SD2 do not identify Kirkby as an area of major regeneration at the scale proposed. More significantly, the emerging RSS establishes a clear retail hierarchy for the North West through Policy W5 where in addition to the Regional Centres of Manchester and Liverpool twenty-five other retail centres are identified; this, despite attempts by Knowsley and Tesco which were recently dismissed by the Secretary of State, exclude the township of Kirkby

Given your publicly avowed support in the past, specifically towards council resolution 538 in which Liverpool City Council agrees to uphold the principles of keeping Everton Football Club within this great renaissance city, we trust that you will now formally object to planning permission being granted by KMBC and formally request that the matter be called in.”

KEIOC are confident that the elected officials of the City Council will protect the interests of the city when dealing with this matter and that we can all move forward and embrace inclusive plans for Everton Football Club and its fans.

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