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Friday, May 30, 2008

KEIOC Survey Results are in - 78% Say No to Kirkby

KEIOC recently engaged to conduct an extensive survey on Everton fans' attitudes toward the proposed relocation to Kirkby. The survey has been advertised and promoted on the three most popular fan sites; Bluekipper, NSNO and Toffeeweb. The survey attracted over 3,000 respondents and over 50% live in Liverpool or within Merseyside.

When asked if the 2007 ballot were to be repeated today an astonishing 78% indicated that they would vote against Kirkby and of the five locations offered Kirkby came out least favourite with only 7% of the respondents voting in favour of the Tesco led plan.

It is also of interest that 50% of the respondents identified themselves as matchgoing Evertonians, the same category of fans that were denied a voice in the 2007 ballot.

The level of dissatisfaction amongst fans is clear for all to see, as are the overwhelming and mounting planning problems that weren't acknowledged by Everton's board even though they were repeatedly warned about the apparent inappropriate scale of the development that was being used to partially fund the stadium; it was essentially always an undeliverable scheme.

All Evertonians should question the wisdom of following this unachievable dream, some would say nightmare, which has split the fans almost four to one against the move. Who is ultimately responsible for this course of action? The survey suggests the board of directors with individual blame being attributed to the Everton chairman.

We're happy to share our findings, if you would like a more detailed report of the results please click here.

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