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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wyness: Plan B is “just being here at Goodison”

Everton's Chief Executive Keith Wyness has told readers of the Liverpool Echo that there is still no long-term "Plan B" in place should the Destination Kirkby plan fail to be rubber stamped despite knowing there is a strong possibility of it being called in by the government for over two years.

He said: “Plan B at the minute is just being here at Goodison", however it seems that he and other club officials are unwilling to study the possibility a redeveloped Goodison Park despite renowned architects and structural engineers offering their services in addition to public comments made by city council officials this week. The Liverpool City Council and opposition leaders have both publicly said that they are willing to extend the footprint of Goodison Park but Everton Football Club have not come to the table.

We understand that the club have not commissioned a feasibility report to look into redeveloping Goodison Park and the only documents that exist stating it is not possible to redevelop Goodison Park have come from companies such as Savills and KSS Design Group who are involved in the Destination Kirkby project. Mr. Wyness went on to state the obvious; Goodison Park in its current state will cause "longer-term problems".

He continued with the vague reasoning: “There isn't the opportunity to develop Goodison in the way we would have hoped" and followed up with "the new stadium is crucial for us to go forward". He also suggested that the Kirkby stadium could play a "crucial part" in finding the "right investors".

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