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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Joe Anderson: Goodison Park can be extended

Joe AndersonJoe Anderson, the leader of the Labour opposition on Liverpool Council has said that extending the footprint of Goodison Park is a viable alternative to relocating to Knowsley as Liverpool Council own some of the land surrounding Goodison Park.

Speaking to Brian Reade on local radio station City Talk, Joe Anderson said: "As an Evertonian and season ticket holder for many many years I am appalled by the way Everton are behaving and the way they are treating the fans but also the way they are treating the city."

He also told listeners his belief that Liverpool Council are not doing enough to retain the club in the area. He said: "Historically this club belongs in the heart of Liverpool where it has always been and my belief is that this council could do a lot more to work with Everton football club to achieve a status to keep Everton within the city."

Everton, its directors and chairman believe that they can go to Kirkby and get a financial sweetener there and that's the real problem for us. At the end of the day I still believe that it is not too late and the council can work with Everton football club to try and retain Everton in the city. It disappoints me that we are not having those talks and conversations."

He also revealed that he was applying pressure on the council internally as he does not believe they are doing all they can to maintain the club's business:

"I spoke to a senior council officer on Friday night and demanded that we should be doing more to keep Everton at its current location on the current site". He reasoned "because we own some of the land around Goodison Park, we can achieve that."

As far as I'm concerned there's a lot more to do and I wish the council were doing it, unfortunately they are not."

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