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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Desperation Kirkby Demolished by Neighbouring Authorities

Over the past twelve months KEIOC have been speaking in what, for some, has been a foreign language. Continually trying to explain about PPS 6, the RSS and the North West Retail Hierarchy has been, we acknowledge, far less interesting than understanding why Arteta has for the past few months been unable to cross a ball to save his life.

But now, on the back of the devastating CABE report, comes the objections from Sefton which are summarised in their final conclusion:

“That Knowsley Council be advised that Sefton Council objects to the proposed development on the grounds that it is contrary to advice contained in PPS6 and Regional Spatial Strategy in that the scale is disproportionate to Kirkby's existing role and status and would seriously prejudice the vitality and viability of other centres. In this regard we would be especially concerned about the impacts on Bootle and Southport which are shown to be included in the Kirkby Catchment Area.”

The actual report contains further evidence of Knowsley's non-cooperation with the neighboring authorities and the inevitable intervention by the Secretary of State due to the complete undeliverable nature that this scheme has always represented, extracts include:

“In understanding the retail impact of the development it would be helpful to have access to the report prepared for Knowsley by Roger Tym & Partners. This has not, however, be made available. In this regard, it is important to note that the applicants at para 10.17 of their Planning Statement make the following point:

A scheme of this size must be referred to GONW as a departure from Knowsley's development Plan and as required by the Shopping Directive. Under normal circumstances I would fully expect GONW to ‘call-in' the scheme for consideration at Public Inquiry by the Secretary of State at which all these issues would be considered. It is worth noting that failure to ‘call-in' a scheme of this magnitude is likely to prompt a challenge through judicial review from affected parties. In Sefton these could include the owners of the Strand and also Aintree Retail Park.”

The consultants used to advise Sefton, White, Young & Green have had their commission extended to also advise other affected neighbouring authorities St Helens, West Lancashire and Lancashire County Council.

You can read the full report here

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