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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Local MP Prostitutes Himself to Big Business

Knowsley North and Sefton East MP George Howarth has today blatantly prostituted himself and betrayed the vast majority of Kirkby residents who have repeatedly informed him that whilst they welcome appropriate redevelopment of their town they are vehemently opposed to the scale of Tesco’s development and the Everton Stadium.

His recent misleading statement over quantifiable evidence, suggesting more local support than opposition, has today been compounded by a series of equally misleading claims which expose him for what he is; a charlatan or a total incompetent.

Last year George Howarth indicated that if he wasn't completely satisfied that several important issues including traffic, anti-social behaviour and housing were not addressed he would have the project called in.

Park and Walk

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Nothing whatsoever has been done to improve any of these situations, indeed if anything they're now worse, the recent publication and subsequent amendments to the scheme including a grossly inadequate transport proposal which now includes several “Park & Walk” schemes as an answer to the non-availability of buses for the initial park and ride proposals, revelations of fans waiting for hours and being crush loaded on trains, fans being encouraged to remain within the stadiums environs in a vain attempt to lessen the shortcomings and impact of the planned movement of a potential body of people greater than the current population of Kirkby in addition to the unchanged magnitude of compulsory purchase orders on perfectly good housing begs the question why Mr Howarth could possibly now be “Completely Satisfied”

That Merseytram is somehow back on the agenda due to this Tesco scheme is another “jam tommorow” political promise which Mr Howarth preposterously suggests. The reality is that the enormous financial shortfall coupled with the already stated and identified needs of north south transport within the city of Liverpool, who hold the top position in the regional retail hierarchy, and the potential private finance initiatives available for such a development, would indicate to some that this claim is simply an attempt to mislead.

The most outrageous claim in Mr Howarth's letter is the suggestion, repeated in the Liverpool Echo, that Tesco will be investing £10,000,000 on road and parking improvements. Through our source at Knowsley council KEIOC can exclusively reveal that all the Local Authorities along with The Mersey Partnership have produced A Merseyside Action Plan (MAP) to submit to the North West Development Agency (NWDA) to try and secure future funding. Kirkby Town Centre regeneration Programme is listed under Sports Infrastructure projects, through which KMBC are attempting to secure a £10 million NWDA grant and a further £10 million European grant. Is this the same investment you're talking about Mr Howarth? We feel that the leaders of Liverpool city council will want a quiet word in Mr Broomhead's ear over any proposed endorsement of a scheme which is a clear departure from local, regional and national planning policy.

The forthcoming local elections may give Mr Howarth the opportunity to study some real as opposed to manufactured quantifiable evidence.

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