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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Everton could be branded as the Knowsley Club

DTZ Logo Real estate advisers DTZ have published a report on the benefits of regeneration for Knowsley if Everton FC relocate to Kirkby. The report suggests that Knowsley Council will look to rebrand the borough as "Knowsley - the Home of Everton FC". The following are extracts from the report:

7.11 The project offers great potential to build Kirkby and Knowsley's national and international image, as the home of Everton FC and as part of Merseyside's excellent cultural offer. Premier League commissioned research found that over the course of the season 2006/07, sponsorship of Everton FC was worth £2.1million in TV coverage and £500,000 in national and local press coverage10. These figures do not include the value of international media coverage and, furthermore, they are likely to increase substantially as the new Premier League TV agreement begins.

7.12 If Kirkby and Knowsley became the home and ‘partner' of Everton FC, the borough would be in line to receive a significant amount of publicity on an international stage. The exact details of the new Premier League TV deal are still to be finalised and there will need to be discussions between the Council and Everton over the branding and media links between the two parties. Issues are likely to include how Knowsley brands itself as “The Home of Everton FC”, and how the name of the stadium relates to the borough (though this will also depend upon the sale of naming rights to a third-party sponsor). Therefore it is not possible to state conclusively the value Knowsley as a borough will receive from Everton's relocation. However, the figure of £2.6million for UK media coverage acts as a useful proxy until further information is available. 10 These figures represent estimates of the equivalent cost of purchasing advertising on those media at those times.

In February, controversial website announced that new signs had been ordered by Knowsley Council that read “Welcome to Knowsley the home of Everton FC”.

The DTZ report also indicates that the club are looking to build 425 homes and 1,000 square metres of commercial floor space for retail, restaurants & cafés, and/or commercial offices and light industry on the site of Goodison Park.

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