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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tesco Make Changes to Everton Stadium Plan

Destination Kirkby Today, the Liverpool Echo have reported that Tesco (not Everton) have made changes to the stadium plans. Tesco are saying that the following changes relating to the stadium have been made due to Kirkby residents' concerns, critics will say the changes have been made due to the stadiums' spiralling costs.

The known changes to the stadium are:

  • Slightly repositioning the stadium
  • Replacing its basement car park with a surface-level car park for club directors. The capacity of the original car park was 1,000. It is not known if the car park capacity has changed.
  • Replacing some park-and-ride facilities with park-and-walk. Earlier this week we reported how Merseytravel don't have the resources for the park and ride system and will have to draft in buses and drivers from as far as Blackpool to cope with demand.

Tesco have amended their planning application and it is now pretty much make or break for the whole scheme. They will be hoping that the Secretary of State does not call in the project as this could increase the cost by aproximately £21million.

Tesco's Financial Statement states:

3.5. In respect of the timescale there is currently a window of opportunity to deliver the stadium and a transformational and comprehensive regeneration of the town. This opportunity clearly exists at this moment in time and as such could be lost for a variety of business and commercial reasons. The Tesco team have estimated that a delay of one year will increase the cost of the project by circa £15m and the stadium cost by circa £6m excluding fit out. The impact of new legislation or guidance on stadia design could further increase costs and reduce capacity.

In short, it says that any delay to the Destination Kirkby plan could prove to be fatal. Presumably the collapse of this project would also mean that the exclusivity agreement can be lifted and that Everton FC can speak to other companies interested in a development partnership for a new stadium.

The financial statement also states that the cost of the stadium is £130million, £78million of which is to be paid by Everton FC leaving a shortfall of £52million and that "The aim is to deliver what can be regarded as an iconic and attractive yet highly functional ‘mid- level' football stadium. "

The full Financial statement can be found at

We recommend right and clicking and choosing to save to the hard disk as it is a large file and it may crash your internet browser.

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