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Friday, April 11, 2008

Kirkby resident submits plan to demolish Tesco CEO's home

Supergran - Dot ReidA retired lady from Kirkby is not happy that her home of 15 years will be demolished if the Everton FC stadium project is given the green light.

She has decided to give Sir Terry Leahy a taste of his own medicine by developing plans with architects and applying for planning permission to demolish his house and develop a community garden, with water features and a kiosk for pensioners.

The resident, Dot Reid said: “I do not want my home knocking down for a superstore and a football stadium, but that is what will happen if the plans get passed.

“I thought how would Sir Terry and his family feel if their home was being threatened? That is why I put in an application to knock his house down.

“I am appalled our homes are under threat. It would mean the break-up of a happy community."

A spokesman for Welwyn Hatfield council said: “We have received a planning application from a resident of Kirkby, relating to the demolition of a property in Cuffley and use of the space as a community garden.

“This application will go through the normal planning process."

Previously, Dot appeared on the landscape at the AGM in 2007 asking Bill Kenwright whether he was aware that people would lose their homes and that a nursing home would also be demolished, Mr Kenwright responded ”no, I wasn't aware of it.".

Sources close to Dot suggest that she is hoping to have the first spade in Sir Terry's garden by June or July.

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